Bay of Quinte Young Entrepreneurs is the online resource for young entrepreneurs. I am primarily focused on fueling the inherent creativity of youth by showing them how they can take their ideas and turn them into viable businesses that are sustainable within the Bay of Quinte region, as well as in other rural communities in Canada. All blog topics and information come from my own personal research and experiences as both an entrepreneur and as someone who grew up in the Bay of Quinte Region. 

The information here can be used to either help teens launch a business venture or can help them to identify community problems/issues that they believe need resolving and the solutions needed. There are blogs filled with inspirational quotes, ideas for first time businesses, the benefits of being a young(er) entrepreneur and even how to figure out if entrepreneurship is right for you. This is designed to complement and enhance the already existing organizations within our community. After all, aren’t we here for the same reasons? You know, to help out our young people and the betterment of our community?

My Mission: Bay of Quinte Young Entrepreneurs (BOQYE) encourages and embraces youth entrepreneurship and innovation. Working with members of the Bay of Quinte business community and the entrepreneurial community in general, Bay of Quinte Young Entrepreneurs strives to assist followers either enhance existing businesses or to create new sustainable businesses through thought-provoking and timely articles & information.

My Vision: The Bay of Quinte Region is a thriving rural hub for young entrepreneurs.

My Goals: Be the organization that brings all of the entrepreneurship-focused organizations together to collaborate for the sake of the community and our youth, guide you to where you need to/want to go next (be it finding a business counsellor, grant dollars, a place to talk to someone when you’re feeling depressed, etc.), provide extra information that you need access to for your business (i.e. organizational tips, how to register your business in different areas, why you need a mentor, etc.), and provide my insights as a young professional trying to make a go of it myself.


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