With all of the excitement surrounding the Quinte Business Achievement Awards nominations announcements (still casually checking my inbox, but I doubt it this year!) and Summer Company in full swing across Ontario, it got me thinking of my own side hustle/intrapreneurial endeavours with Youth Beyond Enterprises, Tracey’s Business Services and throughout my career in HR & the Canadian Forces/Department of National Defence.

I wouldn’t be who I am today if I didn’t have exposure to being an entrepreneur and intrapreneur. It really has changed my outlook on life. It’s shown me how one person really can make a lot of positive impacts in their communities if they set their mind to & use the resources available to them effectively and efficiently.

To those lucky souls and organizations who were nominated for an award either this year or in the past, my biggest congratulations! To have your work recognized by your peers is a special & meaningful thing. To those of us who have not yet had the pleasure (myself included), keep trucking away and know that what you do is valued!

What’s your story? How has entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship helped shape you? Share your story in the comments!

All the best,