Do you know an amazing young person in the Bay of Quinte community that deserves to be recognized?

In its 3rd year, the Top Leaders Under 30 was started as a way to give young people recognition that they deserve and may not get otherwise due to not meeting the criteria for other community awards. Since its inception, some of those recognized here on this list have also been featured on other “Top” lists across Canada, and have been nominated for (and some have won) industry awards!

Nomination Criteria

The criterion is simple. The nominee needs to be a young person under the age of 30 who is: hardworking, passionate about what they do, and dedicated to making difference in their community.

They don’t necessarily need to be business owners, as the emphasis is on providing recognition to those who truly deserve it and might not get it otherwise.

Nomination Form

Don’t wait until later to give your young leader the recognition they deserve now! The deadline for nominations is October 21st!

If you would like to provide more info regarding why they deserve to be recognized, please send a separate email to Rachael Tracey at with the subject line “Additional Nomination Information: (insert your nominee’s name here)”.

Important disclaimer

If your nominee is successful, I will send out an email to the address(es) provided asking for consent to publish their name and photo. If consent is not obtained by the deadline, the nominee will be removed from the list. Obtaining this consent is a requirement for being featured on the list, and something that’s very important to me as someone who works with young people on a regular basis.