First off, massive props to Artisan Collective Market for this suggestion on my Instagram page (@boqyoungent, if you feel so inclined to give me a follow).

This is your chance to give shout out(s) to your favourite makers, shakers, doers and creators. Here’s the catch: they can be from any rural Ontario community within reasonable driving distance of the Quinte Region.

Why This Criteria, You Ask?

Because we travel outside the Quinte Region, and being as uniquely situated as the Quinte Region is, we are pretty connected to the rest of Ontario. We also all have the same struggles with getting clients, exposure, recognition, grabbing hand/foot holds for those who choose to move up a ladder, and remaining competitive against larger competitors.

How It Works

Fill out the form below with your recommendations, press send, and share this post on social media channels (tag me please!).

Note: fill out as many as you would like!


  1. Favourite Business Person
  2. Favourite Young Business Person (don’t forget to nominate them for the Top 30 Leaders Under 30: Bay of Quinte Edition)
  3. Favourite Small Business
  4. Favourite Small Business Operated by a Young Person
  5. Favourite Restaurant (Food Trucks and Pop-Ups Included)
  6. Favourite Spa Services
  7. Favourite Grocery/Food Store/Deli
  8. Favourite Retail Store (including Pop-Ups)
  9. Favourite Clothing Store (can be thrift, new, brick-and-mortar, or online)
  10. Favourite Community Event
  11. Favourite Non-Profit Organization
  12. Favourite Community Collaborative Effort (i.e. artisan market, grass-roots initiative, etc.).
  13. Favourite Place to Go for the Best Customer Service
  14. Favourite Under-Rated Community Engager (someone over 30 who may not get recognition otherwise but does deserve it)
  15. The Young Person You Think We’re Going to Be Hearing About for Years to Come

Nomination Form



Deadline to send in nominations is Saturday, August 31st!