Hi all!

Big News! I’m excited to share that I have changed my name from “Bay of Quinte Young Entrepreneurs” to “Youth Beyond Enterprises”! For those who’ve followed along since 2015, this is my original name that I launched with. Why the change back? Because I am setting in motion plans to establish social media spaces for young entrepreneurs & leaders in different rural communities and didn’t want there to be confusion as to if I was only focused on one area not the rest.

I’m also proud to announce that I have launched one of my original intentions for this organization! On Facebook (because why try to start a brand new social media site when one already exists?), you’ll find “Bay of Quinte Young Entrepreneurs & Leaders” as well as “Simcoe County Young Entrepreneurs & Leaders”! I’ve been wanting to set up these spaces for a very long time, and I hope that they both take off!

These are workspaces for young entrepreneurs & young leaders from ages 10-35 and their supporters (including parents, mentors, coaches, potential investors, collaborators, subject matter experts, etc.). This safe space can be utilized to solve either business problems or social problems! Members are encouraged to post questions, share stories and collaborate with one another on projects/ideas.

If you see this, please join me in these groups!

I’m excited to get started with the next phase of mine & my organization’s lives!