Here it goes, my 100th post here. It’s been quite a ride from the first one, “5 Benefits of Being a Young(er) Entrepreneur” to this one!

I planned on this post being a long winded reflection back on the last 100 posts and 4.5 years, but honestly, what can I say other than this:

  • I’ve pivoted, iterated, and I tried a name change that didn’t work because I have been trying to broaden my readership across the province so I had to change it back;
  • I’ve written pieces about how to know if you even have the right “stuff” to be an entrepreneur/business owner, about how everyday things can contribute to your success overall in life & career, and dived deep into personal topics that included talking about how mental health issues and regular exercise have impacted my life, and;
  • I’ve featured entrepreneurs, business owners and changemakers from across Canada via the My Day series and Top Leaders Under 30 initiative (paused for 2020), and;
  • I’ve loved every minute of it, even the tough ones when I contemplate shutting down the entire site when I didn’t receive a single piece of feedback when I asked for it or received only two nominations for this year’s Top Leaders Under 30: Ontario.

Has it taken off the way that I had hoped it would 100 posts ago? No, not in the slightest. I honestly thought back in 2016 that it would take off so much that I would be called on to be a panelist on issues surrounding youth, be asked to write or coauthor a book, win a few awards/honours and be known far-and-wide as a go-to site. Admittedly, this is still the vision every time I’ve pushed “publish” on a new post. Youth Beyond Enterprises is the internet version of me, Rachael Tracey: being an advocate for young people, using the voice I know that I have for the betterment of all vulnerable sectors of Canadian society, promoting businesses of any size that are innovating and making Canada better than before they came on scene, and passing on the knowledge that I have accumulated over the last 29+ years. YBE only exists because of my own efforts, determination to never give up on myself or others, and a little bit of sheer stubbornness. That’s not going to change any time soon ;).

To those supporters, new and old, who have stuck by me for all this time and will continue to do so for a long time to come, thank-you! If you want to be sure that you get all of the latest and greatest posts or quips from me, be sure to Sign Up For Email Notifications! and give me a follow on my social media channels!

Much love and good thoughts to you all,