Bay of Quinte Young Entrepreneurs

The online resource for rural young entrepreneurs.

Mission, Vision & History


Mission: Bay of Quinte Young Entrepreneurs (BoQ YE) encourages and embraces youth entrepreneurship and innovation. Working with members of the Bay of Quinte business community and the entrepreneurial community in general, Bay of Quinte Young Entrepreneurs strives to assist followers either enhance existing businesses or to create new sustainable businesses through thought-provoking and timely articles & information.

Vision: The Bay of Quinte Region is a thriving rural hub for young entrepreneurs.

History: I developed this blog to address the chronic problem of youth leaving the Bay of Quinte region, upon graduation from secondary and post-secondary education. This is because:

  • There is a lack of stimulating, gainful & sustainable full-time employment opportunities has made the region an undesirable location for young people and young families.
  • The unique talent, innovation and ideas that the youth possess are not being tapped into but instead are leaving the region when the youth leave.
  • Being a young person who grew up the Bay of Quinte Region, I am familiar with the hardships being experienced by the young people in the region.
  • Upon graduation from the Loyalist College Accounting and Post Graduate Human Resource Management Programs, I enrolled in the Loyalist College 1-Year Post Graduate Entrepreneurial Studies – Business Launch (ESBL) Program to develop a business that would create exciting entrepreneurship-based career opportunities for youth. 
  • I have worked diligently to establish myself within the community; I have acquired a roster of partners, mentors, and community members who are helping me to design the infrastructure she will require to successfully manage BoQ YE. 
  • Rachael is currently a member of the Cadet Instructors Cadre branch of the Canadian Armed Forces (the RCAF to be exact).


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