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Rachael Tracey

I’ve spent the last few years sending out interviews to Canadian leaders and entrepreneurs across the country to get insights into how their days work and what keeps them pushing forward. I’m consistently pushing out information that can be used by rural young entrepreneurs and leaders, either through here or by sharing resources/opportunities developed by […]

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Your Entrepreneurship & Innovation Party Pack!

Have you just graduated and/or are looking for new things to do either for the summer or for your life, and something niggling in the back of your head is screaming “I want to be an entrepreneur”? OR maybe you know that being in business for yourself full-tilt just isn’t in the cards for you […]

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Attainable & Realistic Goals for You and Your Business

Personally, I don’t set New Year’s resolutions. I prefer to set goals for myself throughout the year that are combination of short and long-term. I set goals that work for where I want to be in life and actively strive towards them, be it my physical fitness levels, where I want to take my career […]

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You Need to Attend the Canadian Rural Innovation Summit. Here’s Why.

On November 19th-20th, QuinteVation will host the inaugural Canadian Rural Innovation Summit at the Rural Innovation Centre (250 Sidney Street in Belleville, ON). Their goal for the Summit is to put the Bay of Quinte on the map as a top innovation destination and leader in rural entrepreneurial growth. This event is not limited to […]

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The Difference Between Constructive & Destructive Criticism (and How to Respond Appropriately).

When you are starting out as an entrepreneur and just getting your business venture off the ground, you will find that there is an almost over-abundance of people ready to critique you and your business. Heck, this happens even after you’ve been in business for 10 years or have launched 20 businesses! Cynical sounding, I […]

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Five Challenges and Opportunities for Rural Young Entrepreneurs

Living in a predominantly rural area such as ours isn’t the easiest thing for a young person. There are times where it isn’t fun (mostly when I want to do or get something and the amount of time to drive there outweighs the time or cost of the item/activity) and more often than not there […]