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The Perks of Belonging to a Local Business Association.

If you are a regular follower of my blog here and on social media (and I really hope that you are!), you may have noticed the recent announcement that I have joined the Barrie Chamber of Commerce! Why? Because after 3 years in operation, I need to kick it up a notch if I want […]

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Your Entrepreneurship & Innovation Party Pack!

Have you just graduated and/or are looking for new things to do either for the summer or for your life, and something niggling in the back of your head is screaming “I want to be an entrepreneur”? OR maybe you know that being in business for yourself full-tilt just isn’t in the cards for you […]

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How Exercise Can Do Wonders For You Professionally.

In life, you have two choices: you can either throw in the towel or use it to wipe the sweat off your brow. Exercise is a big deal to me, and has helped me in so many ways, I can’t count them anymore. It and the CCO (Canadian Cadet Organization) probably saved my life, and […]

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Kaitlyn McCullough

I had the extreme pleasure of getting to know the person featured in the latest installment of the “My Day” series at a Fireside Chat on she co-led called “How to Manage a Remote Team” at the recent Canadian Rural Innovation Summit. She was there alongside another incredible woman who I had interacted with a […]

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Attainable & Realistic Goals for You and Your Business

Personally, I don’t set New Year’s resolutions. I prefer to set goals for myself throughout the year that are combination of short and long-term. I set goals that work for where I want to be in life and actively strive towards them, be it my physical fitness levels, where I want to take my career […]

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You Need to Attend the Canadian Rural Innovation Summit. Here’s Why.

On November 19th-20th, QuinteVation will host the inaugural Canadian Rural Innovation Summit at the Rural Innovation Centre (250 Sidney Street in Belleville, ON). Their goal for the Summit is to put the Bay of Quinte on the map as a top innovation destination and leader in rural entrepreneurial growth. This event is not limited to […]

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Rob Clute

QuinteVation and Bay of Quinte Young Entrepreneurs share similar visions for the Bay of Quinte Region and rural Canadian entrepreneurs. QuinteVation’s vision is that the Bay of Quinte will become the most dynamic rural innovation region in Canada by 2023. This is a direct compliment to BoQ Young Entrepreneurs’ vision of the Bay of Quinte Region is […]

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Be a Part of the Next Round of the “My Day” Interview Series!

If you are interested in doing an email interview for the “My Day” series, I am looking to feature as many entrepreneurs as possible! Check out the past participants: Alex Miller Cam McDonald Erin & Adam Keats Jay Elbourne & Courtney Black Jenny Smith Jessica Yarrow Luhana Littlejohn Marlo Brausse If interested in passing on […]

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How to Start A Business as a Young Entrepreneur

You’ve got a great idea (perhaps you’ve checked out 5 First-Time Business Ideas for Teens?), you know the answer to Am I Meant to Be an Entrepreneur? is a resounding “YES” and youa’ve tested your business idea. You’re raring to go! You want to start making some money and experience being your own boss! All you need to do […]


Networking- Not Just For Computers Anymore!

I’m sure that if I were to say the word “networking” to you, the first vision that might pop into your head is a computer lab in your school, the joint network that they all sit on that allows you to jump on any computer (that you have authorisation for!) and access the exact same […]