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How We Can Support New Entrepreneurs & Professionals

Even though my blog is primarily focused on young entrepreneurs and young professionals, it’s excruciatingly important to recognize that not every new entrepreneur or professional is young. Some are on a 2nd/3rd/4th careers, some are older people starting their first career after going back to school at a later stage, some are parents returning to […]

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“You’re not just a kid” (a.k.a. how to get people to listen and take you seriously).

The phrases “you’re just a kid” or “you haven’t been here long enough to merit a seat at the table or know what you’re talking about” drive me right up the wall. I find that this is a big issue these days with Millennials and Gen Xers. I even experience this myself almost every day! […]

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Attainable & Realistic Goals for You and Your Business

Personally, I don’t set New Year’s resolutions. I prefer to set goals for myself throughout the year that are combination of short and long-term. I set goals that work for where I want to be in life and actively strive towards them, be it my physical fitness levels, where I want to take my career […]

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You Need to Attend the Canadian Rural Innovation Summit. Here’s Why.

On November 19th-20th, QuinteVation will host the inaugural Canadian Rural Innovation Summit at the Rural Innovation Centre (250 Sidney Street in Belleville, ON). Their goal for the Summit is to put the Bay of Quinte on the map as a top innovation destination and leader in rural entrepreneurial growth. This event is not limited to […]

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Be a Part of the Next Round of the “My Day” Interview Series!

If you are interested in doing an email interview for the “My Day” series, I am looking to feature as many entrepreneurs as possible! Check out the past participants: Alex Miller Cam McDonald Erin & Adam Keats Jay Elbourne & Courtney Black Jenny Smith Jessica Yarrow Luhana Littlejohn Marlo Brausse If interested in passing on […]


Build a Beautiful Business Plan

Business plans are the backbone to every business, and they are meant to be made so that they can be altered to reflect the changing nature of your business. For example, my first one for Youth Beyond Enterprises was built with a focus on launching as a brick-and-mortar business, but when I opted to become […]