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What Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship Have Taught Me About Me.

It’s no secret that being an entrepreneur, an intrapreneur or just dabbling in either as a side hustle changes how you operate as a person & professional. I know that being the voice behind Youth Beyond Enterprises definitely has changed my life. I wear so many different hats in my life, from HR professional to […]

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“You’re not just a kid” (a.k.a. how to get people to listen and take you seriously).

The phrases “you’re just a kid” or “you haven’t been here long enough to merit a seat at the table or know what you’re talking about” drive me right up the wall. I find that this is a big issue these days with Millennials and Gen Xers. I even experience this myself almost every day! […]

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Your Entrepreneurship & Innovation Party Pack!

Have you just graduated and/or are looking for new things to do either for the summer or for your life, and something niggling in the back of your head is screaming “I want to be an entrepreneur”? OR maybe you know that being in business for yourself full-tilt just isn’t in the cards for you […]

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Kaitlyn McCullough

I had the extreme pleasure of getting to know the person featured in the latest installment of the “My Day” series at a Fireside Chat on she co-led called “How to Manage a Remote Team” at the recent Canadian Rural Innovation Summit. She was there alongside another incredible woman who I had interacted with a […]

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Attainable & Realistic Goals for You and Your Business

Personally, I don’t set New Year’s resolutions. I prefer to set goals for myself throughout the year that are combination of short and long-term. I set goals that work for where I want to be in life and actively strive towards them, be it my physical fitness levels, where I want to take my career […]

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2018/2019 Top Leaders Under 30: Bay of Quinte

Over the past weeks, I have been actively seeking out nominations from within our community to determine who are the “Top Leaders Under 30” in the Bay of Quinte region. To get these nominations, I reached out to the community as a whole and invited them to nominate the deserving young people in their lives. […]

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10 Ways to Set Your (Young) Self Up For Success.

When you think of the word “success”, what comes to mind? Is it expensive items that scream “I’ve made it!”, having a mantle full of awards & accolades, having a widely successful business, being able to take family vacations anywhere in the world, not needing to incur debt to get a post-secondary education, or simply […]

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Make Your Pitch 2019

Make Your Pitch is a video competition in which Ontario high school students are given the opportunity, through a 2-minute video, to pitch their business idea to Expert Judges and to the public for votes. Successful young entrepreneurs earn themselves a guaranteed spot in Summer Company, a Government of Ontario funded program designed to offer you […]

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You Need to Attend the Canadian Rural Innovation Summit. Here’s Why.

On November 19th-20th, QuinteVation will host the inaugural Canadian Rural Innovation Summit at the Rural Innovation Centre (250 Sidney Street in Belleville, ON). Their goal for the Summit is to put the Bay of Quinte on the map as a top innovation destination and leader in rural entrepreneurial growth. This event is not limited to […]

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Jeanette Ramnarine

Jeanette Ramnarine and I share very similar passions for helping people (particularly young people) become the best versions of themselves through demonstrated leadership and learning from experiences. I’m thinking I now know what my youngest niece and nephew are getting for Christmas! I am honoured to feature such an incredible Bay of Quinte Entrepreneur in […]